mochaPro error message when opening a project file

Dear mochaPro-support-team!
When I am trying to open an existing project file, mochaPro (2.5.2) asks to relink the clip becaus the media is unavailable.
Inside the window I press “Choose…” and in the next step I point to the correct path with the exact same image sequence (.tif-pics) I used to create the project. Pressing the “OK” button brings a window with the information:
“Unable to get base clip info: illegal clip ID”
What is wrong with the file? Maybe this happens because of creating the project at another computer with a 14-days-trial-version before purchasing the full package months ago?
Thank you for your help!

I’m having the same issue. We have two floating licenses but I started a new file in LE mode like a moron because I was too lazy to license the new computer. I tried zipping the script and attaching it but I couldn’t do the upload. Please inform what I should do.

Thank you for these information. There is only one file that has been created inside the learning edition and it would be nice if you correct this for us. The only problem I am having right now is the attachments-dialog inside this forum: every file (project or zipped project < 3 MB) I am trying to upload fails. Who should I contact by sending an e-mail with the file attached? I cannot see any adresses on imagineer systems' website…

Now I remember this problem. It comes from editing the project on the learning edition of mocha (not the trial). In the learning edition, you can create a project, then later open it in the full version on the same computer without relinking. You cannot relink it though, because this would support facilities with an army of unlicensed mocha artists all supplying work to one licensed user for them to render or export.
In a floating licence environment, you need to be careful to make sure you do not do any work in LE mode. Watch for the “Start in LE” and NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE messages.
We can fix these files if necessary.

I got your PM and was able to download the file from the link you sent me. If you need to post mocha files on the forum you should zip them first, then you will be able to attach.