Mochapro - to Nuke (tracker) issue?

Hi there !

I’ve been using Mochapro recently at work a lot for various screen insert jobs. However I’ve noticed a couple of times that when exporting ‘Nuke 7 Tracker’, upon the comp artist receiving my file, the result isn’t the same as Mocha.
ie it’s wobbling and looks wrong

When I export the same track as a ‘Nuke Corner Pin’ the result in Nuke seems to be the same as Mocha.

I just wondered if anyone else has reported this ?
(for now it’s fine, I’ll just use the corner pin exporter)

Hi Rob. This is expected behavior, because when you export the Tracker, you’re exporting only the Position, scale, and rotation data. But not the Shear and perspective changes.
When we’re dealing with the screen inserts, 99% we need that Shear data, so for this kind of tasks -Corner Pin is your best option.

Ahh thank you soo much for confirming this!
I should have known this from ages ago but at work I used to export 3 nuke files and let the comp artists choose what they preferred. Now I know what to export, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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