MochaPro2021 UI launch from Nuke

We have Mocha Pro 2021 OFX plugin floating subscription and have used this license in nuke mochaPro plugin.
The nuke mochaPro plugin have a button to launch mochaUI. But it is launching mochaPro in unlicensed version.

My Queries:

  • Does mochaPro OFX license does not allow to launch mochaUI in licensed version?
  • Do we require standalone mochaPro license to do so?
  • If we require standalone mochaPro license to launch UI, does this standalone license and software package contain nuke mochaPro plugin also?

Akshansh Kumar Sharma

For licensing issues, please contact support here: Boris FX | Open a Case

If you would like to speak with a support representative, please call:


Outside the US, please call 617-451-9900.

If you own the Mocha Pro OFX license, it does not require the standalone software to be installed or licensed.

If you purchase the standalone option, it includes the plugin license.

It sounds like you are having a license issue and should contact the support team.