Mocha's behaviour in specific conditions

Hey again, I get to it :

I got around a tricky remove recently, and found out - after hours of investigations and tests - that just tiny drifts in the BG track due to a crazy jumping surface messed the remove (which also drifted consequently), I decided to link the remove layer track to the BG layer track and this helped finding the solution. I tried this again and it worked on every other test…

  1. Layer track obligation : In this case, tracking one layer is enough since we link the second layer track to this very first one, BUT… it seems that Mocha needs a real track of every layer, doesn’t it ? Therefore I can track the first, track the second and then link one track to the other, meaning that one of this tracking actions is useless… Is there a way to avoid tracking a layer when you know that it’s going to be linked afterward anyway ?

  2. Remove spline feather : When the goal is an insert, Mocha provides a “feather” tab inside the Insert options… Regardless to the fact I still have to check how it works there, I’m looking for a way to have the same but for a Remove action and I must have missed the way to achieve it.
    Is setting a negative (or positive) edge width to the spline and clicking to set a certain amount of blur the way to reach the goal ? I doubt it…
    What do you think (my ideal way, being able to deal with the spline the way I would with Resolve power windows : adding inner and outer boundaries to the spline to soften it), can I do this ?

  3. Congrats here : I just tested 3 minutes of Mocha 2019 (Remove, obviously :slight_smile: ) and I was smashed by the speed of the remove rendering (moreover on the same project which was so painful) ! Congratulations, it’s a huge upgrade.
    I just found weird that I had to “allow unsupported GPU” in the preferences though I have 2 x gtx 980 ti in my legacy macpro (works well when done btw). I checked the logfile as suggeste and found:

Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Name: GeForce GTX 980 Ti
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Vendor: NVIDIA
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Version: OpenCL 1.2
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Driver version: 10.11.14 346.03.15f16
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Global memory size: 6.0 GiB
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Local memory size: 48.0 KiB
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Number of computing units: 22
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Maximum work group size: 1024
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Maximum work item dimension: 3
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Maximum work item sizes: (1024, 1024, 64)
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Maximum clock frequency: 1190 MHz
Oct 15 13:17:26 (mochapro) Available: no (Device is not supported due to crashes in the Nvidia driver.)

But since it works great, it’s just FYI…

Ok, not as a bump but a self answer instead :

  1. well, “garbage” tracking and linking the track afterward isn’t a huge pain. I’m however still convinced that if you intend to link the layer track to another one, tracking for nothing is a tiny waste of time but never mind;
  2. RTFM case, I admit… To feather in a remove case, the edge properties of the spline are what I want. However, a dedicated “feather” button - as we can find in Insert - might be appreciated by more than only me :wink:
  3. I confirm, as a basic feedback only : it works really great, although it’s curious that a GTX 980 ti is considered as an “unsupported” GPU (or because I have 2 of them ?). No crash in the nvidia driver as stated in the log, everyting’s ok.

Good continuation

  1. Is simply a workflow preference. Sounds like you found yours. :slight_smile: The FG remove shape doesn’t even NEED to be tracked, at all. Sometimes a simple garbage matte will work with hand animation.
  2. You can do that in edge properties with a single button OR you can use the selection tools to grab the edge and feather manually.
  3. Hmm, that sound like something funky going on, I don’t think we fully support that card: Boris FX | Supported Graphics Cards

Thx for your answer.
Please be aware that GTX 980 ti works great. FYI it’s barely different from Titan X which you support (hence it’s not a surprise it works great), and you might announce it supported too, that was the idea of my message… :wink:

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Thank you for letting us know. :slight_smile: