"Modify Region" on Mocha?

Monet has a selection that allows you to, when you move a spline vertex, modify it’s position on just that keyframe (by adding a keyframe if needed or modifying the existing keyframe) or modify that vertex’s position across ALL the keyframes.

It’s called “modify region”. Basically, if you have keyframed a track layer and then later decide to pull it in a little tighter on one side, you turn on modify region and drag it tighter on one frame. It makes no keyframes, but now all of your existing keyframes show that vertex in it’s new position.

How would you do something like this in Mocha? I have, for example, tracked something with edges feathered out. In order to get the track nice, I’ve had to create a dozen keyframes on the layer. Say I decide later that I want all those edges much less feathered. Is there any way, such as the modify region tool, to drag those edges in across all of the keyframes?

the uber key in mocha is like modify all.

it works just like what you are used to in monet

i think what you are looking for is the called the uberkey in mocha

I’ll have to look into what the Uberkey does. It does appear you can also do what I’m wanting through the Curve Editor.