Modifying Spline shapes

This should be the most basic of techniques but I can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve created a Spline Object and now I’d like to modify its shape. The track is not locked. I have the pen tool selected as per the instructions but when I click on the shape, nothing highlights. No anchor points appear. I’ve tried the arrow tool but again nothing. I also wonder why the green/blue/red arrow locator device (I’m sure it has a proper name but I don’t know what it is) never seems to be aligned with the spline object and always offset.

Can someone help?!

Hi Simon. Most likely what is happening is that the timeline focus is incorrect - you need to have the spline object shape selected, then select the pen tool in order to modify the points along the spline. I’ve attached a screenshot to better illustrate this for you.

I hope this helps!

Hi Peter,
I think I was doing that but I’ve just tried again but no luck. The spline doesn’t highlight at all. What I have now discovered is that if ‘Material - flat texture’ is highlighted, I can get the spline selected by clicking way above it, the shape first turns red and then white. I can then manipulate the anchors, except only with the arrow tool, not the pen. (see attached 2 extra images)

Seems something’s not quite right my end…

Hey Simon,

I can see the problem by looking at the images that you sent. The problem is that you’ve selected the Spline Texture track and not the Spline Object track. Can you try tworling open the Spline Texture track to reveal the Spline Object track? If that’s not showing up, you may need to click the Show/Hide Materials button, per the image below. Can you try that please and let me know if this works for you?

Hi Peter,
Ok… I guess I’m getting a little more familiar now with how it works. I suppose I had an expectation that both moving and modifying a spline would be possible from the same track highlighted. I now see that if you want to move a spline, you select the track and if you want to modify it, you select the object?

I am finding it a little strange that the spline anchors seem to be offset from where the spline is actually located even if I can now actually make changes. But I’d expect the anchors to be aligned exactly with the shape’s location, no? Is there something else I’m missing perhaps?

Hey Simon. So the issue where the spline shape is offset from the rendered image is not normal … I’ll bet if you set the zoom in the composite window to 100 percent that they will line up as expected. I’ll take a look to see that this is the case and if so then this is something that can be fixed by our engineering team.