"Moire effect" after effects Logo insert

Hi there,

Im using Mocha pro for a while, and can tell thats it’s great soft, but i came with a problem i cannot solve.
Not sure if it is right to call it “Moire” effect, but thats how it looks like to me.

So i have drone video 2.7k (2720x1530) with harvester. I’ve tracked harvesters side to add logo there, I’ve copied tracking info to after effects, putted a logo in a sequence (2720x634 resolution), pre-composed it, added corner pin and pasted tracking points. Everything looks greeat except that depending on perspcetive logo starts to pixelate.
I’ve tried a lot of methodes, but notthing helped me ( lowering logo resolution, putting vector logo and else).
I’m not a superb pro in affter effects, and for some reason i believe the solution should be with settings in it, but I’m asking here, because I havent found info about it in After effects forums.

Here’s the link with exported video.


I agree that this must be some issue within AE. The tracking is solid & Mocha wouldn’t have anything to do with what you’re seeing. A bit difficult to know what’s going on w/o really picking apart the AE comp itself though.

For example:

What image format is the graphic? Does it have or use an alpha? What transfer mode is being used? If you turned it into a 3D layer, are there material options set that are interfering? Any other lights in the comp?

In any case, I’m sure it’ll turn out to be something simple, just not obvious.

Also, for future reference:

Have you tried rendering with motion blur?

Another option is to try using the insert module in Mocha Pro (with motion blur enabled) instead of exporting the tracking to AE.

Another options is to copy the track data to AE’s Power Pin instead of the default Corner Pin. I know alot of artist use this instead for better quality.