Mokey Difference matte : how?


Actually testing Mokey demo version to generate a diffrence matte.
I have one static shot with somebody moving and the same shot without anybody.
Could somebody describe the steps how to generate a difference matte and export it for external compositing?

Thank you very much.



  • First of all you create a loose forground layer around the object you want to
    pull a difference from.

  • track it and make sure the object stay within the matte you are creating

  • Now Create another layer around the whole background make sure this
    layer is in the background. now track that layer.

  • Now go into the remove tab and on the left hand side click to go to cleanplate insert. Import your cleanplate. note make sure you are on the foreground layer.

  • click render on the remove section. you should see your clean plate replaces the area

  • Now go into the next tab “matte” make sure the foreground is the
    original clip and the background the new remove render.

  • Now click render on the matte section. You will now hopefully create a difference, now play with the parameter and pull the best difference you can.

Hope this helps.