Mokey memory leak leads to render crash

I’m running Mokey 4.1.1 on a Dual G5 2.7GHz PowerMac with 4GB of RAM on OS X 10.4.9.
When extracting a matte, after 60 to 150 frames, I consistently get a “Failed to create matte” error. The application becomes unstable after this point and frequently crashes altogether.

The source footage is a 1280x720 TGA sequence. I am extracting against a single cleanplate image.

I have made a screen grab movie of Activity Monitor while this extraction process is running, showing how Mokey eats up more and more RAM until the error occurs.

The movie will be available shortly at

Are there settings that can avoid this behavior?


John, are you turning off any layers?. The only time I get this is when I have turned one or more layers off by keyframe. If you have not, it’s worth checking in case you have done it by mistake!. I know, thats how I came across this. I don’t get the crash, but I’m 10.4.10. Similar HW.