Mokey & mocha

If I purchase mokey do I need mocha? Will mokey do everything mocha can do?

Mocha is handy but depending on your budget not a necessity if you have Mokey.

Though Mokey can render roto mattes it can not export shapes to SSF, or Gmask shapes.

In general the Mocha interface / GUI and back end processing is superior to that of Mokey and for one the tracking is threaded in Mocha which means it’s tracks a lot faster.

As far as tracking and placement is concerned Mokey / Patch (very similar to Monet / Insert) combined with the Lens calibration (found only in Mokey and Monet) could achieve better results as far as tracking and placing elements when dealing with distorted source.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Jay. I was getting mochaAE as well (for another artists suite) so I think I’ll just get mokey for mine and we’ll be covered.