Mokey WTF!

this software is a complete and utter abomination. Not only have I yet to use it for any kind of production, but I have yet to actually save a project and have it reopen problem free. I even save out versions and move them to new locations. Shapes loose keyframes and tracking is completely screwed up.


I’m sorry you feel this way. We’ve just released a new version (announcement should go out today but the software is already on our site) which fixes the common project loading bug in Mokey.

Starting in July, we put a new team of developers on these products with the goal of resolving quality issues like this and moving the products forwards. You should expect to see a progression of enhancements over the coming months addressing many of the concerns people have raised on the forums.

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It works, hey that’s great!
Now when mokey crashes I am able to pickup where I left off. Even autosave is working.
Sounds sarcastic but its not. All my software crashes, some more than others. I can work around crashing.