Monet Edge Track


From what I’ve been able to glean from both the manual, and the program itself, Edge Track seems like it should be a kind of auto-roto.

Is that correct?

It seems that it should be able to discern the edge of a person (or any object), from the background, thus the controlling of the edge width and other controls when it’s enabled.

I know there’s no such thing as a true auto-roto, but it seems like this should get it close, which I’d then go and do some manual adjustments.

However, when I’ve tried many variations using the tracking controls, my point don’t stay fixed. They fly way off the edge. It’s not not like a tracking point that drifts. They’ll just jump a whole lot of pixels all of a sudden.

Am I simply misunderstanding the purpose of Edge Track?

If not, is there some tutorial and/or documentation other than the manual I can refer to. (the manual is a bit outdated, as it still contains references to Primatte)

Thanks in advance for any aid.