Moocha Specific Tutorials

Any sign of the Mocha specific tutorials that are coming?


We have commisioned a full Tutorials range buy a comapny called CMIFX this will be avalible to every one from mid november.

Hello guys

They are coming i’m working with CMIFX as we speak.

It has taken a little longer than expected. However you will be seeing them starting to Materialise in the next couple of weeks.

Mocha specific ones are on there way but they have been a lot slower than we hoped.

We have our first product overview video now and the others are following however there first estimate was a little bit unrealistic as soon as they arrive I will post them.

Sorry for the delay

Any new word on the street date of the tutorials?

Hi Benlt,
Is there any news of the Mocha specific tutorials from CFIMX that you said would be available in mid November?