More Adjust Track wierdness

New to adjust track so please bear with me …

So typical workflow make initial automated track then switch to adjust track, make master key and then keyframes the extremes of the errors.

I’m finding that when I add a keyframe amd make some adjustment to reposition over the feature I’m tracking I am indeed seeing my “surface” reposition correctly but then when I go to the next frame that “offset” does not seem to hold.

In fact I am seeing the “offset” marker jump back towards it’s uncorrected position and then resume moving the “old” uncorrected path.

If I correct that “new” unwanted movement on that next frame the problem moves to the next unadjusted frame.

It’s almost as if instead of animating an offset over the top of existing animation which then smoothly interpolates between offset keyframes, Mocha is trying to interpolate back to the old position and the more keyframes you add the more it interpolates.

If I was in Nuke I would say it’s as the curve is stuck in and interpolation mode like “cubic” instead of linear ?

Surely this isn’t intended behaviour ?

It’s not intended behavior, if you are “setting master all” on the first master keys, you are probably running into a cacheing error. Clear your motemp folder (you can find it in your preferences) and restart mocha. See if the problem continues from there. Let me know if that solves your issue!


Still having problems with this and I think I have something I can repro - would like to discuss further ?


Yes, I would like to discuss this further. Do you think you can do a quick recording and send it to and we can try to get to the bottom of this?