More observations and suggestions

Thank you for getting back and the issues I posted. Using Mocha I found sound other points that you might address:

  1. when you have moved tangent handles, make a mistake and use ‘undo’ on the icon bar to revert back to the old position of the handles, the move tool will stick to the tangent when you move your mouse/wacom pen over the canvas again. This will move the handles of the point wildly around and mess up your shape, with no means to return to a previous state (incremental saves will save the day).

  2. it is very difficult to select tangents versus points that are close together; the only way is to zoom in all the way to make the distance between them big enough for Mocha to see the difference.

  3. I’ve been using keyframing by spline and it seems odd to me that the keyframes don’t show up in the timeline when you select a layer. The need to select at least one point on the shape to show the keyframes in the timeline is only necessary when you’re keyframing by point.

Hope this useful; best regards,