More than 4 reference points doesn't seem to work

I’m working on a screen insert shot for a very long take, with some very noisy footage. Luckily, mocha seems to be handling this rather well, except for some slight drift. Not a problem, I’ll just use adjust track.

The camera is handheld and likes to zoom in and out and cut off many many points many many times. Luckily, I thought ahead, and made sure there’s a TON of track marks on that screen, so that’s not a problem. The problem is, there’s a time where the actor obscures the markers I was using for reference points, so I want to transfer over to a new set of points for that part of the shot. I click the “New Ref ->” button, and it creates a new reference point near the reference point that was previously selected… but whenever I try moving it on to one of the visible track marks, mocha screams at me “Unstable configuration detected: returning points to original positions”.

Obviously this isn’t working as intended, after all, what’s the use in having an extra reference point if the only place Mocha will let you place it is right where the old point was? I’m at a loss for what else I could possibly do, though. I’m sure it’s just something I’m doing incorrectly, but I can’t find any information on how to use this. The manual is no help at all in this area – it says what it IS, but says nothing about how to actually use it – and all the videos I’ve been able to find only deal with 4 reference points.

Hi there,

I am not sure what is happening in the file with this error. Can you send me the file? I will take a look. Email


Do you need the footage as well? It’s a 30GB, ~5800 frame sequence. :frowning:

Hi Trevor,

We only need a compressed version of the sequence. We usually only need the originals if you have specific file format or colorspace issues.