More then 4 Point surface possible?

I got Mocha 1.2.3 Soho Edition. I want to Roto a short “Face only” Clip with low movement. I want to cut out the background from the face. Later I want to have a green background for keying.

I try but I have only a moving 4 Point surface on my AEClip (safed as CornerPin Data) or have only the tracking data in my AE CS4 layer (safed as TransfomData).

Is this a Mocha version that can not put a working Facemask into AE, just puts tracking data to a AE layer? On the Videos I have not found my Mocha Version.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, due to the legacy nature of that software, that version of mocha only supports tracking data. You will not be able to export shapes to AE unless it’s AE 5 or later. I highly recommend you upgrade to at least AE 6 but preferably AE CC, and mocha Plus might be a good option for you.

Today is the last day you can upgrade to mocha Plus, but it still won’t be able to export to AE V4 because AE won’t support that. Sorry for the inconvenience.