More transformation tools?


I was wondering if there is any plans on adding more ways of manipulating the shapes, like shear, skew, or constrained scale. Something on the lines of the transform tool in photoshop maybe? :smiley:



Hello Juan

We are looking at other ways to manipulate our splines.

mogul/roto (basically motorV2) will have a lot more improved spline fuctionality.

So any feedback you can give me on exact tools that you would like would be fantastic.

I have logged your previous suggestions but could you elaborate on exactly what you are after.


I would like to have a way to do corner pins and shears for global manipulation of the shape as well as for groups of points. It is very useful since it reduces the chance of having jitters.
A hotkey approach to transformations would be nice too. Right now I have to click on the panel to enter in scale mode, then, click back to manipulation. It would be easier if the transformation is only active when the hotkey is pressed.

Another transformation tool that will be useful would be a bone based approach where a couple of points drive a complex shape.

I think that an “align to shape” tool would be useful to reshape or put on a straight line a group of points for things like cloth that is all over the place. There is an option to turn off some points. the problem I see with that option is that there is not a smooth transition between the points being turned on and off.

This is a matter of personal taste but I think that the way the B splines are displayed when being drawn is a little bit intrusive. I would rather have it open until I’m done placing the points

Last, there should be a way to scale only on one axis. I use that a lot to straighten the points in a messy shape

thanks for your time.


ps. Is mocha going to be supported in the future? or is going to be part of the Mogul suite?

hey, how about adding matchmoving capabilities? :smiley:
i know, dreaming is for free…but it doesn’t hurt to ask