Morph Correspondence lines only on one half?

Hi, the Correspondence lines are only on one half, have I forgotten to do something?

Hi Gid,

If those are open shapes, add one more correspondence point on the other side and it will fill out the details for you. You only have to Alt-click on the left side and it will pop another set of lines in for you.

On a closed shape it will populate across the entire shape with a single point, but you may want to add more points and detail to certain areas anyway.

Hope that helps,

Seems like a bug. It should propagate to both ends. But as Ben said adding more points will do the trick.

@paul.miller :+1:
Thanks both of you, yep that’s what I’ve been doing, I haven’t used this Morph node for a long time, so although I watched this vid of yours yrs ago not long after it came out, I was just watching it again to remind myself, in that you just put a Correspondence line in the middle & that’s how i remember it working,
On my screen the yellow correspondence lines are so faint it took a moment realise what was going on, so I added a colour correct node so I could darken it, the pictures I posted above have it turned on, these are with colour correct off.

@paul.miller @Ben_Brownlee
Upgraded to 2023 hoping this would’ve been fixed,
Can you tell me is it like this on your PC?

I know I can just add more points or as I’ve been doing dragging them to the end

Hi Gid,

This was reported after the latest version had already gone to master. Be assured we’re looking into it.


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I added a bug report for this to be fixed in the next maintenance release.

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Thanks everyone :+1: