Most difficult shot to track...z rotation

The only tracking to put a halt on my production, is rotating z depth. For example if a person is standing still and rotates their waist to 90° almost facing backwards.
This twisting motion always always always fails when I try to track.
Does Boris have any tutorials that show tracking an object in rotating z-depth?


Hi Lou,

At a certain level of rotation, essentially, a 2D track folds in on itself. This is what you are seeing. To get past this, I usually use manual track and track into the turn from the beginning and end of the turn. Eventually though, a 90 degree turn becomes untrackable, as there are no pixels left to track that are on the same plane.

We have some really outdated videos on manual tracking these sorts of shots, but the technique is pretty straightforward.

If the object rotates past 90 degrees, the Mocha Planar track is not going to be useful for you and you will have to create a series of tracks you can blend between one another OR you’re going to have to start exploring 3D tracking solutions and use 3D models.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.