Most wanted feature: Zoom with Mouse wheel

Ever since working with Mocha Pro I find myself being lot slower then doing the same in Nuke Roto tools (minus tracking of course). First. I guessed that its the missing bezier mask. But, even using the same type of polygon mask in Nuke I was making me lot faster.
After a while I notice how often I do a pan and zoom while adjusting masks in Nuke. And in Mocha Pro it means X, Z key pressing first. While panning is working with the middle mouse button (hurray!), zoom is always moving in time line. I often have the need to go closer for adjustments and skip that, because the z key is such an unnatural shortcut for that.
Well, I’m not against moving the time line with mouse wheel, but it could be set to something like alt key + mouse wheel to avoid unwanted moves (yeah that happen to me too).
So I wonder why is Mocha so unaware of that? I mean every app does have combos of Mouse + Key to fire commands. Just Mocha seems to refuse that.
I think workflow is key these days, and I really wish I could use Mocha without reconfigure my mind.

You can change anything you need to change in the Mocha Preferences with keyboard shortcut configuration. You can also set the hot keys to be more like Nuke by selecting the Nuke profile. Can you try that and let us know if it helps?

Please let me know,

It’s not about keyboard but mouse configuration. I can’t find a way to have scroll wheel act as a zoom like in Nuke… Even with the Nuke keyboard profil.
Also trackpad pinch and zoom doesn’t work.

Customizing Mouse buttons & track pad can be logged as a feature request.

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ok, how?

You submitted the feature request here on the forum, no need to do anything else. I will notify our product manager and the request will go onto the list for consideration.

I flagged something similar too as the Nuke shortcut profile in Mocha doesn’t appear to change much at all. Mouse customisation to match Nuke would be great.

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I would like to vote for this, too. It continuously tricks me up that it’s not zooming with the mouse wheel. It would be great if it worked like in After Effects (my host application), with holding ALT (Opt) while zooming in order to control the zoom center.

Plus plus plus BIGLY - the like of which the world has never seen … I have the best replies.

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+1 here

Hey That would be an awesome add if we can zoom with scroll wheel it feels natural
hopefully we can see it in the next update :slight_smile:

Let me tag @martinb and make sure it’s on our wish list.

Sorry all, it IS on our feature request list, but we keep on having to push it in favour of other enhancements. We’ll try to schedule it soon.