Motion blur amount on the insert module


As in the topic - where can we find the controls for motion blur for the insert module? For the roto shapes it’s right there and we can set all the options easily. Where does the motion blur settings for insert module come from?

In the Insert Module tab, it is simply a checkbox and it applies automatically. Look for a little box with the word “motion blur” next to it in the Insert interface.

Thank you for answering! I did find the checkbox and my module renders with motion blur no problem.
My question was - how can we control the motion blur properties for insert module? Things like - shutter angle, shutter phase, quality.

It’s an automatic calculation, so there are no more variables but we can add a user request for them!

Thank you for clarifying! And yes, if there was some way to control the parameters as in roto shapes panel that would be very helpful.