Motion Blur expected performance


I noticed that the motion blur of shapes outlining the profile of a nose, mouth and chin, give motion blur results that greatly faded out as the person’s head goes quickly from a profile position to turning away from the camera, even though I correctly aligned the shapes with some manual adjustments as the person’s head turns away. To get the correct/not-faded motion blur, I actually needed to create duplicate shapes under a new/fresh layer and re-track just the 6 frames of the head turning with a SMALLER track shape, and now the motion blur looks good/correct.

It seems that not-correct-looking motion blur was being generated in response to the original LARGER track shape, which apparently was creating a much more drastic movement, and ended up blurring/fading the motion blur on the roto shapes way more then it should have on the the roto shapes. Is the motion blur always going off of the track shape and not the sub-layered roto shape movements where I actually use the motion blur? Thanks for any clarity on this :slight_smile:

Both the layer transform and shape animation contribute to the motion blur calculation.

Ok thanks for letting me know Marco :+1:t3: