MOTION KEY - Continuum 2019 trial with Magix Vegas

Magix Vegas 16

Boris Continuum 2019 12.5 trial

Using Motion Key

I set up the MODE menu to “Setup Region”
I select " Area Selection" to Rectangle

I adjust the “Area Scale” to make the BOX the size I want to cover.

I can make the box Wider with " Area Aspect"

But I can’t move the Rectangle box as show in some of the tutorials ( There are no Magix Vegas tutorials )

I can move the single small CROSS from the Centre of the box to anywhere on the screen but I can’t grab the Rectangle to move it to the area I want to cover,?

I can get an Indication with 2 little arrows that looks like it should move the box but it does not move and does not grab the rectangle box edge ( Or Maybe it does not move…??

It is just stuck in the centre of the screen

Any guidance would be wonderful

Vegas does not support grabbing any controls on the image other than the small cross hair for point parameter locations. Mostly other hosts let a plugin create custom widgets for dragging special UI elements around over the image, but Vegas does not give plugin a way to do this. So in Vegas you need to use the small cross for point parameters and use the native parameters for the rest.

That being said, this particular filter is really just controlled through native params and the point control. The box you see when Mode is set to Setup Region is just a rendered visual guide and you can’t click on it to adjust it. You need to adjust it from the cross-hair. This filter defaults to expecting the motion tracker to be used, so you may see that moving the cross-hair doesn’t do anything unless you open the Motion Tracker group and set the Apply menu to None.

Hello… So I think you are saying that this feature is NOT really available in Vegas.

It is not a problem, but just a bit frustration that you make available a product with zillions of features for various NLEs but fail to say that 80% do not work in Vegas.

I have tried …I think… all the various options in Motion Key and cannot remove any background…

Quite disappointed…

No, that is NOT what I am saying. BCC Motion Key should work fine in Vegas. And indeed the vast majority of our features work in Vegas. What I was saying was:

  1. Special custom UI controls are not supported in Vegas for ANY plugin. This is not a problem with BCC but is a limitation of Vegas host itself.

  2. However, BCC Motion Key does NOT actually require special custom UI abilities in Vegas. When you are trying to grab the rectangle on screen, that is not how this filter works in ANY host. That rectangle (or ellipse) is just a visual guide, not a control that you grab. It’s the same for this filter in all other hosts, not just Vegas. The only thing you need grab is the small cross hair position control which is the only type of control vegas supports over the image.

If you are not able to get this working after reviewing the tutorials, you could create a Support case or you could try sending your project file and media off-list directly to me at
jclement at borisfx dot com


Not totally clear on what your trying to do but if you hold the ctrl/shift-keys while dragging parameters in BCC you can move objects beyond edges. This can be done within the BCC parameter setup, I don’t think it will work on the Vegas preview window, but you might give it a try. It works for creating areas as well as light locations, etc.