Motion Key

I was tested the bcc motion key with after effect or premiere pro. but i can not move the circle/rectangle to the objekt to move out (like the motion key tutorial Remove Moving Foreground Objects with BCC Motion Key - YouTube )
the circle/rectangle is on upper left corner and is fixed and not movable. cc version 2020 and 2019

Thanks for letting us know about this - I have reproduced the issue and have reported this to engineering.


Me too… and I need to use

This issue is fixed internally and will be available with BCC 14.0.1 when it is released. We don’t have a specific release date to offer, but I would estimate roughly 3 weeks.

I did find a temporary workaround for you, however. If you open the Motion Tracker group and change the Apply menu to None, then the Area Position/Offset will start working as expected.


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Continuum 2021 v14.0.1 was just released, and it contains a fix for the BCC Motion Key problem. Please let us know if you see any remaining issues.