Motor next version Feature Request

hi imagineer, amotor is awesome. for GUI interface and userfriendly program, I hope motor in the future can offer a two to four screen split views so that while we edit on the 1st window view you can see the matte updated on the second view or see the actual composite view, useful for those using widescreen monitors. for the short cut keys it needs to have it like a shortcut key on the render button, shortcuts for moving keyframes, shortcut for moving in and out points in the timeline. i hope it can select, lock, copy and paste keyframes on the timeline.

for the performance i hope it can improve more memory management and multithreaded cpu support so that zooming and caching will be faster, useful for HD footages. Saving a custom workspace is also helpful containing a user defined palette docks and others. So that if you are in a team u will just use a standard preset from other users to make a consistent workflow of the roto jobs. Also for improved performance it’s also good to have a purge memory cache feature.

for Handling of projects, it is also nice to have a collect project button in order for it to save all the files,footages,images,other than specified in the new project wizard is a very useful future feature. This is helpful in project organization and archiving.