Motor Non-responsive

Guys I don’t know what the problem is, so I cant state if this is a bug report or suggestion, but I have been having trouble loading Motor this entire week. When I have 50 or more shapes in a scene it takes literally 10 mins to load (and close). Can you guys find a way to reduce the load time when the layers number 50+? Maybe auto turn off some of the cashing?

Also when I have so many shapes (50+), which is very common, its takes a very long time to render (30 sec to 1 min / frame). Also there is incredible lag just shuttling from frame to frame. Look into this because other programs (Fusion 5, ER, Combustion 4, Shake, ect) all render at a faster rate and have less lag.

Ya’ll have a great start with Motor but until these things are worked out other programs may be selected and/or swapped in because of these issues. I’m going to do my best to help ya for as long as I can!

Now let’s make a program people,