Motor Non-responsive

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Also there is incredible lag just shuttling from frame to frame.
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We got your project file and will look into all the issues you found.

Just refering to a tele conversation we had, you said you experienced the slow down periodically… it seems as if it happens as soon as you stop tweaking layers.

Anyone else epxerience this slow down?

We have not yet been able to reproduce this, even with your project file, but will keep at it…

What resolution are the files?

Progressive or Interlaced?
HD (Progressive)

What is the duration of the project?
57 frames long

How many tracking layers to you have?

Your system specs?

Windows XP Pro
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Xeon ™ CPU 3.06GHz
3.06 GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM

NVidea Quadro 4 750 XGL
IRQ: 21
Bus: AGP4X
Memory: 128 MB

ForceWare version 81.67

ALSO: I noticed that a “MoTemp” folder has been created? It seems to be saving all my cashes and sucking up all my hard-drive space on my local machine (to the point where I can no longer render). If you can tell me how to prevent this for future reference it would be much appreciated.

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Guys I don’t know what the problem is, so I cant state if this is a bug report or suggestion, but I have been having trouble loading Motor this entire week. When I have 50 or more shapes in a scene it takes literally 10 mins to load (and close). Can you guys find a way to reduce the load time when the layers number 50+? Maybe auto turn off some of the cashing?
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Please send us your project file, you can email it to or upload it to your ftp account and send us an email notification.

We have tried to recreate the issue but have not had any success.

For the sake of others reading this post, please also post some specs regarding the project. i.e.

What resolution are the files?
Progressive or Interlaced?
How manny tracking layers to you have?
Your system specs?

Thank you.

—Quote (Originally by dartayous)—
Also when I have so many shapes (50+), which is very common, its takes a very long time to render (30 sec to 1 min / frame). Also there is incredible lag just shuttling from frame to frame. Look into this because other programs (Fusion 5, ER, Combustion 4, Shake, ect) all render at a faster rate and have less lag.
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This we seemed to have reproduced the rendering issue. Once we have your project file, we will confirm and do our best provide an immediate resolve.