Motor observations/fixes/adds

Hold down shift + click & drag to add points to selection, ctrl + shift & drag to remove them. I am not sure if there is something like this already, but I haven’t been able to figure it out and selecting something and missing 1 or 2 points is becoming annoying :frowning:

Ability to copy/paste keyframes? That would be really helpful if trying to aligh shapes dead on. The copy shape and all keyframes is really cool, but what if you only want to copy a few points?

I emailed this message to Jay, but I thought to post it on here as well to see if anyone else knows.

Is there any way to command line render Motor so we can add it to our render farm?

Just thought of another thing that may make Motor a little more versatile. Perhaps others out there can do it, but I don’t have the scripting know how. Anyway, possibly creating plug-ins for our fave compositing packages to export to motor splines? Just thought it would be nice since you can export from Motor to say Shake. Would be cool if you could export from Shake to Motor.

Let me know if anyone figures out something here, it would really come in handy.

Hey all, not sure if this is the proper place to put this, but here it is.

So, I have been using Motor over the last week (in a production environment for a commercial) and it is really helpful. I have found quite a few things that I would like to see added, and/or expounded upon in future releases. This list I compiled below is my personal observation through trial and error. I do not claim to know everything about the program, and I am open to help. So if anyone knows a work around, of if some of these suggestions are already incorporated, please let me know! So without further adu…


    • More control over the GUI - resizing of windows, colors, sizing the timeline (zooming in/out on it) removing the “current, next and last” frame windows (2k images run very slow while waiting for the windows to pop up)
    • When control boxes are set to “floating” and are not attached to the main viewer, you cannot rename layers. - Renaming layers also seems to be slightly buggy and sometimes highlights, then deselects if you mouse over something else with the result that you start typing and sometimes do unintended manipulations to your viewer or your project.
    • Some sort of scripting in it? Maybe a way to set your own hot keys for more than just the current controls. Macro creation?
    • Parameters window seems buggy. Sometimes the parameters windows is there, but there is nothing in it. Restarting the program has corrected it for me, but others say it has not for them.
    • Maybe add a way to manually flush the cashe memory? I find after I close a project and open another one, the program runs slower than if i restart the program and open the new project.
    • Toggle buttons to turn off tracking/visibility/locking for ALL layers.
    • A VOD would be awesome. Possibly key-able so you can set it to move with your object for faster tracking/shape movement. (excellent for working with high res sequences)
  1. A way to change the zoom in/out from up/down to left/right. This would be more convenient since your screen is wider than it is tall, you would have more room to zoom, and if you have 2 monitors you would not have to zoom 2 - 3 times. You could mouse from left monitor 1 to right monitor 2. Advised since working with high res zoom is quite slow, especially waiting for the mini windows to pop up.

    • Any way to increase speed when you use hotkeys to switch from zoom/hand tool/select tool. Wait for the tool to switch is so slow it almost completely destroys any workflow. (high res sequences take forever)
    • A popup window showing your render progress?
    • Crashes alot when using the undo button. Auto save is very nice, but is there any way we can get control over how often it autosaves?
    • Being able to Nudge a selected object or point would be very nice. (small 1 or 2 pix nudge as well as large 8 or 10 pix nudge)
    • Allowing a floating window for the toolbar would be helpful.
    • Being able to save changes to the GUI would be nice. Something like saving out your user settings in Maya. Positions of control boxes, color, connected/disconnected to main window.
    • We just upgraded from the “Learning Edition” to the “Soho Edition” and now I cannot open my project files. 2 days worth of work gone.
    • Apple + H = Hide Motor … doesn’t seem to work for some reason.
    • Some way to export tracker data, possibly per point? This would allow users to export track data into shake/combustion to track on say a still image to use with paint effects. Motor’s tracking is excellent.
    • Possibly add in a function to serve cocktails while waiting for a render? :slight_smile:

I think that Motor has a very solid foundation, and after all the buggs/tweaks are worked out you guys will have an excellent program. Keep up the great work!


—Quote (Originally by Jay)—
Thank you for this very detailed post!

I will respond in detail ASAP! For now my main concern is to convert the LE projects for you!!! So no work lost.

Please email your projects files to us ASAP!!! To

PS: Toggle Zoom windows with ‘Zoom Win’ button under View Controls.
—End Quote—

Oh yea, forgot to take that one off of there. I believe you guys are already doing that for us. Thanks!

Also just found out a mini issue. Doesn’t affect anything, but might be of note. When you are trying to rename a file and you push right/left arrow keys Motor highlights the Movie tab as if it were trying to move forward/backward a frame. It doesn’t actually move it, but just thought you should be aware.

Another thing to add in might be a handle or button you can push to select all the points on your roto shape without moving the shape at all - this would be extremely helpful when you are zoomed in and want to select and move your entire shape. It would really speed up parts of your workflow.

Hope these suggestions are helping!

Happy Motoring all!

Hi djcraemer,

I am looking through the list; thank you for making such a detailed post. I certainly agree with some of your suggestions; and I am pleased to say that some already are in the pipeline.

With regards to you LE project issue, can you confirm the version of motor you are running and perhaps attach or send me a copy of the project file to

Current status concerning some of the issues you have raised:
The undo crashes is also something that we are generally alleviating I believe the next revision will see an improvement; but there is still more to come.

Manually flushing memory is something that we are working on for a later release; this is an issue that is resident with the Mac builds

The parameter window issue is an odd issue that I am looking at, at the moment; generally I find the issue only occurs when a user has a multi monitor system.

Thanks again for the post; and if you could get back to myself or jay with the issue with regards to LE and soho that would be great

Thank you for this very detailed post!

I will respond in detail ASAP! For now my main concern is to convert the LE projects for you!!! So no work lost.

Please email your projects files to us ASAP!!! To

PS: Toggle Zoom windows with ‘Zoom Win’ button under View Controls.

—Quote (Originally by djcraemer)—

    • Possibly add in a function to serve cocktails while waiting for a render? :slight_smile:

—End Quote—

Check your email… we stuffed a sexy blond cocktail waitress into your mailbox. :wink:

posted this in the cons thread but I hadn’t seen this thread. here is the same comments I posted there

I have been playing around with motor and wanted to pass on what I think could be improved. these comments are meant to help you make a better product.

  1. there is a lag time when using the pan and zoom keys ( I am running on a Mac dual 2.7 G5 w/8gigs ram and a sata hardware raid.) it is really slow and this is where a good deal of time is spent

  2. when you zoom into a frame (say about 400%) the image degrades to where it is essentially useless.

I love the planar tracking. it is amazing. can’t wait for more improvements. keep up the great work.