Motor Overview / Installation and Licensing

The idea behind motor is to speed up the rotoscoping process by combining Imagineer’s unique planar tracker with a great rotoscoping toolset. This combination of technologies should allow you to rotoscope faster as more elements can be tracked, requiring fewer keyframes.

If you are not yet familiar with, or need a refresher on, the planar tracker, please study the following videos on motor’s sister product monet:
Planar Tracker (
Rotoscoping (

monet [ understanding with planar tracking ]
In our experience *monet *offers the ultimate base to understanding planar tracking. Mastering monet / placing elements onto 2D surfaces really embeds the fundamental understanding of planar tracking.

It is simply easier to understand the requirements / fundamentals of planar tracking and it’s application when assessing 2D placement.

With this in mind we recommend artist tryout monet and view all monet related material.
**Download and installation
*motor can be downloaded via the links below:
*motor *for Windows (
motor for Mac OS X ( (Universal)
*motor *for Linux (

Please refer to *monet *guide ( for detailed installation instructions.

Please Note: Beta 4 can open project files from earlier versions, however once the project has been saved you will not be able to run the project on earlier versions.

We strongly advise that you make backup copies of your existing files in case you want to revert to Beta3 .
LicensingDownload the latest cross platform license, which you are free to use for commercial applications, for use during beta programme, valid until 01 December 2006.

License (

To install the license, unzip, open the license.dat file, select and copy the text. For Windows and Linux, launch motor, go to Help / View License, paste the text. For Mac OS X, copy license.dat file into package Contents folder (to access this folder right click on and show package contents)