Movies opening slowly?

Playing with Mocha on my home machine; a Dual dual-core 2Ghz AMD, 2GB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2. Mocha Beta 2.

I’ve got a 10 second clip; 720x480. Uncompressed (no codec), and no audio. File is about 300MB.

When I open it in Mocha, it takes about a minute and a half from the time I select the file to the time it fills in the rest of the New Project window and lets me hit Next to continue.

During the delay, there is no appreciable disk activity and hardly any CPU usage, so I’m not sure what exactly it’s busy doing.

I recompressed the file as a Quicktime (None codec), and it did the same thing.

However, in either case (AVI or Quicktime) if after it finally comes up I hit Cancel, make a new project, and import the same file, it comes up after only about 3 seconds or so.

Just me?

Hmm… well they opened perfectly fine and fast on my machine at work.

I can’t imagine why. I just rebuilt my box at home a month or two ago, it’s a pretty generic install as far as anything that would affect media handling for Windows or Quicktime. Not even any virus scanners or anything running. I DID have the DiVX codec installed but removed it to test and it made no difference - and that shouldn’t have any bearing on Quicktime anyway.


No, it’s not caching. This is on the New Project panel before I’m even asked about caching the clip, and caching is turned off in the prefs.

Basically when I hit the Create New Project button, the first page of the dialog appears. I hit the folder icon next to the ‘Clip To Import’ and select the file… at which the minute and a half delay happens, before it even fills in the project file locations or lets me hit ‘Next’ to go on.

The files are on a local RAID-5; And no they seem to open and play immediately in Windows Media Player and Quicktime.

I’ll try to bring the file in to work with me tomorrow and try it on a totally different computer.

As I said, the files are on a local RAID array, not on a network.

It’s odd

I just did a capture using Sysinternal’s FileMon to watch Mocha when I open the file, and it appears to be opening the AVI file over and over again many times, spends a lot of time playing around in the Quicktime system directories… a massive amount of file and directory operations – over 16,000 from the time of hitting the ‘Open’ button in the file dialog to the time Mocha propogates the dialog box. Seemingly doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Is Mocha using Quicktime for it’s AVI file access?? If I open the AVI through Quicktime Player, it still takes about 7 seconds - but nothing like the 1.5mins it’s taking Mocha. But the fact that it appears Mocha is doing it many many times, perhaps that’s where it’s adding up. I’m running Quicktime Pro 7.1.6.

I can send you the file operations capture log if you want to look at it.

Well I did a bunch more digging and think I found my problem. It’s actually unique to the 3ware 9550 RAID controller I am using, and Quicktime - lucky me!

Apparently Quicktime doesn’t properly align it’s disk buffers in memory, which causes the 3ware driver to return an error (and log a bunch in the event log too which I just found). Whatever it is is non-fatal and things still seem to work in Quicktime, but for whatever reason adding Mocha to the mix causes the huge delay on my system, probably due to the high number of operations it’s doing every time I open a movie; A little delay multiplied a few hundred times turns into a big delay.

At the end of the day it’s of no real importance since I’m only playing with the beta at home but would never use it on this machine ‘for real work’. But, it’s something to file away in the oddities file if it ever comes up for someone else.

Yet another reason I hate Quicktime…

Bob try copying the images to local disk and see if there is a difference in performance; lets see if the problem is with the remote drive or all files.

Hi Bob thanks for posting this.

O.K first of all. The clip that you are trying to open; is this a clip that is over a
network, on your local drive or on a remote (or second drive)?

When you attempt to play this clip in something like quicktime do you also get a delay when attempting to read the file for the first time.

The reasoning behind why its so fast the second time; is because the clip information has already been allocated to memory therefore the application does not need to re-request the information…

O.K trying them out on a different computer is a good way to check for discrepancies. I would like to have a look at your files in test; there is no reason why files of that magnitude should cause a delay.

Is it possible for me to get a hold of those files to place in test; I think it would be helpful to look at the specific files to see if there is an issue that causes problems.

If you could you mail with details of your query I will set up an ftp for you to allow you to upload these files so that I may place them in the test environment.

I suspect the file is caching.

When setting up the project be sure to deactivate Cache Clip (Second window of New Project Wizard).

Caching is only required if / when the media being accessed is not on your fast I/O drive.

You should be able to cancel caching on the fly by hitting ESC.

Please verify if this was the issue.