Moving BORIS FX suite to new PC?

I was wondering if there is help/info link on how to move my BORIS FX Continuum, Mocha Pro, Sapphire, etc. over from one PC that’s it’s currently activated for to another new PC?

Is there a deactivation/reactivation process?

Cheers, Rob.

Hi there,

We recommend using the free Boris FX Application Manager for this task. You can read about it and download it via this link : Boris FX | App Manager


Thanks Peter, I installed latest version … will deactivate when ready to use on my other PC.

Cheers, Rob.

I went to deactivate my license via Application Manager and click on “Licensing” and says “No licenses detected…” … yet I clearly have licenses active and working?

So I tried logging into Boris FX … under “License” I see my information that I have “Installs on 1 system” with option to “Reset License”. I clicked and got warning about only once in 30 days, so I hit continue.

I then uninstalled all Continuum, Sapphire, Mocha - Adobe PlugIn suite.

Seemed to register on my new PC, fingers crossed. But the App Manager doesn’t seem to work.

Cheers, Rob.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for letting us know about this and really glad that you were able to sort it out via the website.

If you haven’t already done so, could you please check to ensure that you’re working with the most recent version of the App Manager? Meanwhile, I’ll check with our QA team to see if they have encountered anything similar to the licensing hiccup in the App Manager in their testing.


Hi Peter,

The version I was/am using is of App Manager.

When I installed on my new PC, App Manager shows my product purchases and the “Deactivate” button, so it seems to be working on my new computer, not sure why it wasn’t working on my old PC?

The only additional information I have is that I originally purchased just Mocha Pro and installed, but was so impressed that I went ahead and upgrade to “Bundle/Suite” with Continuum, Sapphire, and Mocha Pro which obviously had a different key/registration. Perhaps that is why App Manager didn’t show my license?

Cheers, Rob.

Hey Rob,

The issue might well be related to having two licenses for the same product on that system, which may have confused the App Manager. Thanks for sharing these details - I’ll share this with engineering.


On the plus side, my new PC (AMD 5950X) completes a project render in 18 mins vs. the 2.5 Hours that my old 7900X took for the same project.

Had to render as software only, but will try swapping from nVidia GRD drivers to SD drivers to see if I can use the CUDA again.