Moving particle illusion from windows to mac

So I recently purchase a macbook. I had installed a permanent license of PI on my under powered windows machine. I now want to move my license to the mac. I remembered talking with the sales rep and he assured me I could do that in the future. When I try the only thing that shows up to download are the emitters not the program. I know it is part of the continuum suite. Is it necessary to install the entire suite to get the one program? Must I uninstall the PI from my windows machine first? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AFAIK the PI plugin is only part of the Continuum installer, so you need to install the whole thing. (I don’t have much experience with that though, so I could be wrong)

You should definitely uninstall from your Windows machine first, and make sure you deactivate your license during that process!

Then when you install on the mac, your license should be available to activate there.

Thanks Alan.