Moving PSD files to new computer, Optics Smart Object filter missing

I have new computer with fresh installs of current versions of Adobe Photoshop and BorisFX Suite including Optics. I have dozens of PSD files in which there are Smart Object layers with an Optics filter applied. When I open these PSD files on the new computer, I see all of my layers but on the Optics line in the smart object, there is a triangle with exclamation point. The tool tip text reads: “Filter not available or cannot be applied to this document.”

Some of my Optics setups are saved in separate files, but with most of my work, it is just stored in the PSD file (or I thought it was). Is there another location the Optics information is stored in that I can copy from the old computer? Or something I need to configure somewhere?

What can I do to get these effects back on my new computer?

Thanks for your time

It sounds like the version of Optics used in the PSD files was 2021 and maybe only 2022 is installed on your new machine. Make sure Optics 2021 is also installed.

What a strange process, but still didn’t work. Luckily, I had kept my installer for Optics 2021 because I couldn’t locate it on the website. I installed 2021 and my new license key wouldn’t activate that version. So luckily I had an extra license key that expires in a few days and successfully activated the 2021. The Standalone Optics app works fine but of course doesn’t open PSD files. Inside of photoshop, the Optics 2021 plugin does not appear. I uninstalled both Optics versions and then installed 2021 only. Still does not appear in Photoshop. I am on a new M1 Mac.

Any other ideas?

Optics 2021 is not M1 native. You would need to run PS in Rosetta mode to see 2021. However, Optics 2022 is M1 native.

Yes launching in Rosetta worked. Thanks for the help.

There doesn’t seem to be anyway to migrate these files to use 2022 natively. Saved setups from 2021 seem to work properly in 2022 but the painstaking process of saving out each setup and then applying in 2022 just isn’t going to happen. Additionally, I have limited time with my old key that works in Optics 2021. Why they didn’t build backwards compatibility is confusing and can’t really have anything to do with the new processor type. The licensing issue is more befuddling. Why can’t I use a previous version of a previous version in the suite I have rights to?

Optics 2021 and Optics 2022 are meant to run side by side. With 2021, you will be able to open up older projects with no effort. You can then use Optics 2022 on new projects.

A 2022 license will also run Optics 2021. If this is not working for you, please file a support ticket to sort that out. This works as expected for me on all my machines.

Thank you. I tried the activation several times and it didn’t work so I will open a ticket. My comments are born out of continual issues with product activation with their products that require support interaction (usually at inconvenient times).

However, no pathway for updating toggling between launching with Rosetta and not will be problematic for me for months and cost a lot of time. No reason that an old project can’t open in their new version – the save setups have been working fine.

At least I can work and I appreciate you answering my questions and helping me get there!