Moving Transform anchor point away from center for a Shape


How can I move the Transform (‘T’ key) anchor point to anywhere away from the center when trying to rotate/scale a shape?

Thanks for the help.

@persyst Hi, you can move the anchor point using the controls in Parameters or hold down the Alt key & move the onscreen image, but the image gets moved not the anchor point, so you then have to use the cross in the centre of the screen to reposition the image, , it’d be nice if the anchor point moved not the image or there was a way to centre the image again but keep the new anchor point position,

Hi @Gid.Joiner, I’m not sure if I’m referring to the same thing as you. When I hit ‘T’ to transform a shape, all I get is a rectangle and the center point shows up when I hover over one of the edge nodes. I’m lookin for a way to grab the center point and just move it to wherever I’d like, as you can do in PhotoShop. Thanks for any additional help on this.

Ok, yeah i think we’re on different things, there’s so many ‘transform’ options in the Boris arsenal :joy:
Found it, in the transform a spline :+1:
Yeah the IK tool allows some movement but not the anchor point, :man_shrugging::thinking:
I’m going to keep looking…

found it :man_cartwheeling: press the W key or pressing the Period key ( . ) , the period key allows the anchor to move or W changes the mouse cursor into a rotation cursor, press & hold W allows the anchor to move

W for Wotate is how I remember that hot key…


You’ve got some Elmer Fudd in you :rabbit::grin:

Definitely channeling Bugs Bunny.

Ah thank you THAT’S I NEEDED!! :slight_smile:

I just noticed that the enclosing box disappears while dragging the center point. Is there a way to keep the enclosing box ON while dragging the center point? Thanks.