MP 2021 on mac : minimum requirements question

Hi there,

It’s been a while since my last visit and after a lot of work (matte paintings, set extensions, cam. projection,…), I’d like to include Mocha Pro standalone in the WF of my next projects (same jobs profile).

BUT… For some reasons, I wonder wether I can install your last mocha pro version on a legacy macpro which in any way cannot upgrade higher than ElCapitan (10.11.6) : are the minimum requirements REALLY 10.12 as I read here around ? Really no way to make it work on ElCap ?


OK, so, it might not work and is not supported… BUT… try installing a trial and checking and seeing if it runs for you well. Because if it does… well, not supported is not the same thing as broken. It just means if there’s funky bugs from using Mocha on unsupported OS versions that we likely won’t be making software updates for that OS version.

You might have to use CPU tracking and rendering only.

I can ask @martinb if he has any suggestions.

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Thanks for your answer Mary,

not supported is not the same thing as broken.

Yep, that’s specifically the reason why I asked, I’m used to these questions since a long time now.
Short story : as an example among dozens of others, I remember a version of Resolve was said to need a minimum OS version just for the H265 encoding at deliver/export… As I always export original Pro Res anyway, I didn’t care and discovered the version was ok on my system.

Due to pandemia, it’s a lot more convenient for me to do some works on this machine (8 core Xeon, 2 gtx ti GPUs, but overall @ home)…
I will try then, hoping it won’t be a problem to revert to my Mocha Pro 2019 if needed…

Thx again for your answer :wink:

PS : I don’t think it’s really important enough to bother Martin btw. Maybe he has in mind what’s specifically needed since in Sierra (compared to what therefore lacked in ElCap), which could be a great quick input, but not important obviously