MP - Version 7.5.1 - Vegas Pro18

Howdy - Once I’ve finished a Remove sequence in MP and choose the Remove Module back in VP18, again, it’s glacially slow. The ONLY way I get my work done is to rather EXPORT a MOV file and import that into Vegas Pro18.

I’m using the OFX, but having to do it this way I might as well be using the Standalone version.

Please tell me EITHER I’m doing something wrong OR BORIS and MAGIX haven’t got their heads together to sought this sorry state of affairs to prevail?

Grazie . . . .

Hi Grazie,

Can you show me your remove settings, let me know if you are using GPU processing, and tell me what size footage you are using? I bet we can get you sped up on Removes.

Have you seen our tutorial on remove setting optimization? Boris FX | Remove Module Optimization for Mocha Pro & Mocha VR


Hello Mary,

Remove in MOCHA is a breeze - it works. Here are the Settings:

GPU is used and that works great:

Once I leave MOCHA and return to VegasPro18 and then select the REMOVE for the Render option it is from there that VegasPro is slowed down.

To get my work done - as I said - I have to export from within MP a MOV file and bring that into VP18. As I said, this is sold as an OFX for VP18 - not feeling the love for it . . . :unamused:

To repeat, I can get the REMOVE to work inside of MP. It is when I return to VP18 and I select Render>Module>Remove that FPS is slowed to a crawl.

You think that I have a problem with the REMOVE process in MP - hence your invitation to view the Tutorial; what settings for GPU and Remove. Well, I don’t. It’s when back in VegasPro18, hence my observation about the VegasCreativeSoftware and BORIS connection in solving this issue which has dogged BOTH software for far too long.



I understand, but please also understand that I have to double check these sorts of things because often the case will be something like remove settings and GPU issues… nine times out of ten.

Let me check with @martinb and see if we have any known issues rendering in VP18, I know we have a similar issue in Resolve. But I was under the impression Vegas was working as expected.


Thanks Mary - But this has been going on and on. So, similar for Resolve? Mary, please do a local search on these Boards for the efficiency of that Render Module within the Host?

Thanks for doubly checking my approach. Having my evidence-based pictures make it irresistible that this isn’t MOCHA, it’s once back out in the Host.

This has been a bug for far too long.