MP19 Odd Remove result?

Can somebody suggest what I need to do to rectify this or can spot just what it is that I have done?

Pretty standard fare. This is BEFORE Remove:

This is AFTER Remove:

This was not standard. This is quite complex. Added to which the sweeping cloud cover was giving MP a runaround as the gravel path wasn’t lit with constant illumination. Added to which there wasn’t enough constant gravel path for the Tracker to handle and then pass trough to Remove. But I learnt loads doing it.

Sounds like you got it sorted out. But, just to make sure, did you figure it out or do you need more help?


Mary, thanks for your polite, attentive response.

Sorted? No. I’m going to lie down in a darkened room and consider what to do. However, I’ve learnt loads more.

I’ve got another, different issue, but that can wait till next week.

OK, get some rest! In the meantime, try separating the ground track and the sky track and removing that way, you might get better results.