MP2020 Matte DPX sequences not good

I created a matte in MP2020 standalone and exported it as a DPX sequence (Export Rendered Shapes). Export went fine, but neither Premiere nor Mistika can read the resulting DPX files. In Premiere I get the error ‘The video bit depth of this file is not supported’. I tried both regular and 8 bit exports, same result.

I can see the detailed meta data via media info and it differs significantly from other DPX mattes rendered with Silhouette for example.

If I export the same matte as a TIF sequence, it works just fine.

Is MP2020 using some newer library for DPX that is not supported in other software?

DPX Mattes are exported as Grey 8-bit files (i.e not RGB). Adobe products only support RGB and RGBA files. We should provide an option to export the Matte as RGB.

At the moment your best bet is TIF for export (which exports RGBA matte files) until we find a better solution for DPX.

Ah that makes sense. It would be nice to get this added at some point. I’m more used to using DPX than TIF, though both work of course.

I’ve added a feature to our feature request list to provide some more output setting options. We’ll try to address it in a later update.

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