MP2020 OFX: VP17 B321 Black Frames in MP2020Preview

Having jumping Splines/Masks, Render and Remove issues in 2020 I’ve gone back to basics. I’ve generated and then rendered a simple Graphic. A Green Arrow on a Background. Imported into MP2020. Graphic animation plays smoothly in VP17.

All frame rates match all the way through, 59.94fps and Progressive.

VP17 Preview:

MP2020 Preview:

Preferences Match clip and my GPU is active.

Please advise.



This is what happened next:

And then this:

There are no discenible differences that would cause this? The Tracking was good going from the start. There is something choking MP2020 to do its job.

As I said, I’ve generated my OWN animation to get some convergence of these errors.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for this Graham, we’ve had another report of this recently and we’re investigating.

OK, did you take note that this with a plain, animation? There’s no wayward granulation or frame errors. This is as simple as we can get.

This is terribly frustrating and hobbling me from going forward. Without this fundamental working ability I can’t be assured to go forward.

Hi Graham,
Could you provide us with the Vegas project file and the Graphic footage? This may help us track down the issue faster.


I’m interested in your “may”? But you, “BORIS”, are already working on a fix? You’ve got to have VP17 B321 and footage aplenty? Yes? How would my Project push this along? - Please explain.

MOCHAPRO19 Standalone is zip fast on MY Rig, so this IS pointing at the OFX side of things. Please comment.

Regards - Graham

Your project may be useful as the problem might be due to some project settings. (We’re unable so far to reproduce the defect in house.)
If you cannot provide a project for IP reasons then we completely understand.

Something like Google drive or Dropbox. You can PM a link to Martin or myself (
We understand if this isn’t possible.

Hi there.

It’ll tomorrow now - yeah? I get it ready and PM.


Having had an intense and valuable SKYPE Screen Sharing session with J-P we’ve discovered that the GPU Acceleration within VegasPro needed to be turned off. However, pi and Sapphire can serve frames to both BORIS Plugs fine. I’ve left it with JP to investigate what options there are going forward.

What would be unfortunate if Vegas users need to remove GPU acceleration during an edit session as this would also require a reboot of Vegas.

A big thank you to John-Paul!