MP2020 Standalone is ZIP Fast on my Rig

This establishes that my RIG is more than up to muster to deal with the processing. Which firmly places the issues I’m having with MP2020 as a PLUGIN in VegasPro17 is down to the OFX side of things and NOT my machine.

Is anybody else here on this forum using VegasPro17 and MP2020 as a Plugin?



This sounds pretty consistent.
The loss of overheads from using a host will show a big performance boost when working with the standalone.

Martin, I hear you…Then why, in all that’s Euclidean Logic, don’t we all just pack up all our Bags and Tents and move on? Why persist in this fandanglement that is “OFX”? What IS the point? Please tell me the advantages - kinda realise the disadvantages. Maybe I’m the only ONLY VegHead willing to pursue this lost cause.

Enough of the flowery rhetoric from me, is there going to be a solution to this?

The main reason to use the plugin is one of support:

  • The plugin can render to the timeline and read in footage sources without requiring laborious codec requirements or clip edits.
  • In the case of hosts like Vegas and Avid where data-export support from Mocha is not possible, the rendering provides a direct method to roto and insert in the timeline without having to export from Mocha
  • Convenience: Your Mocha project and associated files are included in the host project rather than as a separate project file.

But, the advantages of Mocha Standalone are clear, and why it’s also the more expensive option:

  • Freedom from any host and the subsequent overheads
  • Performance
  • Much more custom properties, thanks to the Python API.

For Vegas, the plugin problems are partially due to OFX support in the host.
Every host supports OFX in their own way and to different degrees of compatibility (usually to fulfill internal requirements, such as their own plugin set, performance etc).

For OFX in particular, the biggest bottleneck is the round-trip from the host to Mocha and back again, which is why rendering back to Vegas can be slow by comparison.

TLDR: For some reason, Vegas 17 is particularly buggy with Mocha 2020 and we’re currently investigating this for the next update.

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This I know. But what is partially? What else is there?

Yup, first hand experience of this. There’s no “can be slow”, it is arthritically incapacitated. If it went any slower it’d be overtaken by a Tectonic Plate.

What I should’ve preceded my comments with was the urgency of the timescales for a remedy, and evidence of a close working relationship you guys are having with the MAGIX/Vegas Team.

Martin, I appreciate you want the best for me. That being correct, I get it. It’s the timescales that are knuckle-gnawing. And it’s been this way since I started with my MOCHA OFX experience with the Vegas Timeline Remove Rendering. I’ve always thought it was my inabilities using MOCHA. Now transpires it wasn’t me all along. So, like you I too now want/wish the best for the VEGAS+
MOCHA experience too.

If there is anything I can do to expedite an improvement please contact me.

Oh yeah, the Paint Brush is a stunning innovation/revelation. I’ve got embellishments I’d like to be added to its functionality.


Feature requests are always welcome! Please post them to a different thread, or an existing one that is on a similar topic. :slight_smile: