Multi-input Composite?

Is there a such thing? I’ve found auto-paint to be much more manageable when you break up a face by different sections. That way, if you make a mistake, you don’t end up eating a super long paint rebuild - just the small part of the face you were focused on.

So the natural final step is to leverage the “paint only” outputs of your paint nodes and combine them. But I can’t find an elegant way to combine them without chaining many “composite” nodes together, like this:

Is there no other “aggregator” type node we can use to combine paint?

There is not a multi-input node, but you can chain each Paint node together using the main (left) output.

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Do you mind elaborating or possibly showing a screenshot of what you mean by chaining Paint nodes together? I was re-reading the manual and thought that having multiple paint nodes connected to a single source was sub-optimal. That’s why I thought maybe it was better to have multiple copies of the source in my node graphs, each with its own paint node, then composite the results later.

Would best practice be to have just one copy of the source, one paint node, and paint up each portion of the face (eyes, cheeks, etc.) in its own folder of paint strokes that you label? I think that would be fine, but let’s say you already painted up eye and cheek in their own folders. Now you want to do the mouth. But you make a mistake and want to delete the mouth folder and start again. Si will ask to rebuild frames. Won’t that be super slow since it’s kind of needlessly rebuilding eyes and cheeks? That’s why I thought separate out and composite later.

Yes, normally you would not want to chain multiple Paint nodes. However, as long as downstream Paint nodes don’t depend on upstream Paint nodes, you will be fine.

It is best to use one Paint node, but rebuilds will be necessary if you delete some strokes. Whatever flexibility you are gaining with multiple Paint nodes is somewhat negated by the extra time it will take to render all of the extra composites.

You certainly don’t need multiple copies of the source node and that will slow things down as each copy of the source will have to be loaded.

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