Multi Lens Flares

Hi folks,

I am new on sapphire and want to create the following: several lens flares on a shot. E.g. 3 People with a torch in the dark and a moon with a different flare in the same scene. How can I realise this? At the moment I just get only one lens flare working in premiere pro.

Is there a way like on hitfilm that lens-flares are auto detected and added? Means: every light source gets a fitting flare fully automatic added?

…and 2nd question: Where is the difference between “Autotrack” and normal lens flare tracked by mocha?

thanks in advance

Hi Mark,

You want to use LensFlareAutoTrack and change the number of flares to how many you want. They will auto track to the highlights, but the controls are very limited With S_LensFlare, you can only add one per instance of the effect and have a lot more control with Mocha on getting a rock solid perfect track.