MultiFrame shape adjustments not obeying range

I’m noticing that if I have MultiFrame ON, and my current working/playback range is set to something like frame 62 to frame 85, with my MultiFrame frame limits matching, that the manual adjustments I make to size/position, will actually carry over will frames outside of the MultiFrame start/end (62 to 85), if there is no keyframe at the adjacent frame 61 or frame 86. I don’t believe frames outside of 62 to 85 should be effected, Please let me know how to address this. Thanks.

When MultiFrame is activated, it modifies the Transform and Reshape tools to allow you to make adjustments across all previously set keyframes or a selection of keyframes. If you don’t have keyframes at the beginning and end of the MultiFrame range, you should add them for the behavior you are looking for.

Ok will do, thanks!