Multipass Remove

Is there a Multipass Remove Module tutorial anywhere - I’ve searched but I cannon find one?

there is no Multipass remove tool as such - but multiple passes are required if a background object has planes which contain different “textures” such as the Beach shot in the Remove Overview video
I believe I have discerned the process from watching the overview several times -
make the remove an output clip and feed it back in, but I have no encountered the memory buffer problem.

Thanks Mary P!
'solved it with your advice. I was trying to remove a person from a scene - with a curtain and a floor as separate plans - which I now know is incorrect
I was trying to replicate the technique described in the Remove Overview - maybe that video needs to be reviewed?

So, beginner’s luck obviously (or something like that)
If I treat the planes correctly and output the top plane (curtain) then input it to remove the bottom plane (floor), then I get the memory buffer error message - I understand that I could solve this with a cleanlate/patch but I am trying to learn the remove technique - maybe this isn’t the best footage?
You suggest comping in ae?

Hi Guys!
Actually, multiple remove background layers are only required if you are removing over two different planes, the textures don’t matter as long as they are on the same plane.
While mocha can handle multiple removes, I find I get best results when I remove objects separately and use the mask of my removes to comp a new cleanplate together in another program, so I can adjust feathering and blending. Unless the objects I am removing are far away from each other in the clip, then I just do both removes in mocha. Keep in mind that mocha holds layers above one another out of layers below, thats why I don’t remove objects that are close together in one mocha Pro file, the background track planes might interact in unexpected ways if I do.
All you need for multiple removes though is multiple shapes and multiple tracks:
Thats a recent video showing a dual remove of logos in a shot, and should walk you through the process. It will also show you how to use cleanplates for objects you can’t see behind.
Let me know if you have any questions!

Ok! Got it, you’re using this to learn rather than going for a solve for a production shot.
I suggest doing two removes and comping in AE or nuke or similar if you want more control over the edges between the solves, you can do a solve with both planes on that shot as well, but the places where both shapes meet might not have the nicest edge between them.
You are bringing the rendered clip back into a second remove and thats what’s causing the buffer? Thats a different thing than what I thought was going on in your other thread. OK, thats a different matter. Can you send me the mocha log? Help>view log to
Also, beginners luck is great, and all shots are different. :slight_smile: Don’t worry about it. The final hard and fast rule of mocha is that there are not many hard and fast rules for solving shots, just do the solve that works the best for that shot and don’t get caught up in sticking to a formula.

So, to be fair, the floor and the curtain ARE both separate planes (one at a solid 90 degrees angle difference between the other) and normally you would split them into two different shapes. BUT the curtain doesn’t have enough detail to require you to solve it separately (you won’t see any difference in parallax not lining up on the curtain) nor does the black curtain have enough good detail for a solid track for a good remove anyway, so the track you are getting on the floor is solving for both planes just fine, but only because there’s not much detail to solve for the curtain.
This single solve for multiple planes will not work on most shots where a multiple plane solve is called for. But I am glad it worked for this shot. So I don’t think the previous video needs to be removed.
Though it looks like you could solve this lock-off shot with a patch or simple tracked in cleanplate as well, pretty easily.

I am glad it worked for this shot.

I am glad it worked for this shot.

I can’t see Multipass Remove Module mentioned in the documentation:
Is there such option?