Multiple Alpha Colour Overlays?

Hi guys,

Is there a way to have multiple colours when viewing the alpha overlay mode rather than just the one colour set from the preferences?

Would be super useful if you could change it via the objects list per shape just like the spline colour. Makes checking edges that need to be separate easier all from one roto node. What do you think?


Have you tried turning on Color and Fill in the Roto node properties? It’s probably the easiest way to do what you want I think.
We could maybe add another View Mode that shows you the output with that turned on.

Hi Paul, I tried those two options but couldn’t see any way to change the alpha overlay colour per shape or layer, I only see “Outline Size” and “Fill Opacity” under Color on the roto node?

Possibly a preferences option or view as your said, something like “Match Alpha Colour to Shape Colour” perhaps? So when its active whatever colour your splines are set to is what the alpha colour is set to when pressing Shift A . You don’t always want this active but what I tend to find is I set colors based on required separation and being able to QC that separation directly in Silhouette with the color overlay like I would on an external player such as RV would be suuuuper handy.

You could probably set this up with nodes right but a quick hotkey to enable/disable it was what I would be after.

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