Multiple Insert Layer

I want to track multiple text layers to my background footage.

There appears to be no option inside Mocha to select different discreet video layers from the AE timeline, instead only:

Mocha > Insert Clip > Insert Layer

To work around this feature omission, I apply multiple Mocha Pro plugin instances to the clip on the AE timeline.

However, it seems that the alpha channel does not pass through between these instances, so only one of the text inserts is being displayed.

I have also tried rasterising the text as a png to then do

Mocha > Insert Clip > Import

which does work, but is a cumbersome workflow and seems to have a serious performance hit when scrubbing the Mocha timeline.

I’m hoping there is a better way to do this with multiple AE text layers.

What is the best practice approach for this need ?


If you want to add multiple Text’s and layers to your footage, the better approach is to do it not with the Insert module. It works great when you need to composite single screen or object. But when multiple texts/layers are needed, it is recommended do it this way:
Use one instance of Mocha on your source footage layer, and after your tracking is done, apply that tracking data do needed layers.

Here’s a tutorial that shows the process.

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Thank you once again @elizabeth.postol

This helped a lot.

During this process I

  1. Applied Mocha AE to the footage
  2. Entered Mocha to generate tracking, save and exit.
  3. Clicked “Create Track Data”
  4. Selected the desired track data generated in step 2, clicked OK
  5. Export Option > Transform
  6. Layer Export To > “my layer 2”
  7. Clicked apply export
  8. Selected all the keyframes then dragged the text to the desired start position
  9. Pick whipped another text layer to the first one.
  10. Noticed that keyframes included scale and rotation even though I only tracked with transform, so deleted those keyframes.
  11. Noticed the y position varied more than I wanted, so copied the data to a spreadsheet, made all the y values the same and pasted back to the timeline.
  12. Noticed that the tracking had stopped prematurely, so in the spreadsheet incremented static keyframes by +10 per frame and copied back to timeline.

a. Is there a clean way to track only x position ?
b. Is there a way to anticipate tracking terminating when the object goes off screen and continue the tracking somehow?

Finally, do you have a clear rule of determining which version of Mocha to use for each need?

We have Mocha Pro, Mocha AE, BCC Match Move etc

Personally, I would prefer to deal with a single interface for all occasions, to make it easier to familiarise myself with the various options. I had assumed I could do everything in Mocha Pro, but it seems not.

Hmm, instead of selecting all the keyframes (process you describe in step 8) and repositioning your text, you can just export track data to Null layer first, and then Pickwhip the Text to that Null. That will make repositioning a bit easier, without needing to select all the keyframes every time. But if you prefer having less layers, your approach is also OK, It’s just the matter of choice.

A) Currently you can not track X position only. The workaround is to track Transform as usual, and after exporting just delete the animation on the Y parameter. The same as you did for Scale and Rotation.


B) When object starts to go out of frame there’s no “universal” solution, cause all the shots are different, and different techniques may be applied. But in most cases you have to switch to manual tracking or use the AdjustTrack Tab. If you send me the shot in DM, I can analyze it and explain what technique would work best for your particular case.

Answering your last question, In general, if you have access to Mocha Pro, you should prefer it.
The Pro version has all the functionality that Mocha AE have + additional features like Power Mesh tracking, remove module, etc.
If your interface looks different, try switching the Workspace. It is set to more simplified “Essentials” workspace by default, but you may prefer Classic one.

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Thank you @elizabeth.postol for all the details and tips.

I didn’t realise it was possible to Separate Dimensions, that certainly helps.

So Whilst I started out this topic in Mocha Pro, you suggested Mocha AE would be a better bet for this scenario. So whilst I now know how to achieve the goal in Mocha AE, I’m not sure how it would be done with Mocha Pro.

I generally use the “Classic” view since all options are visible there, but Mocha Pro and Mocha AE have quite different control panels in the AE host, with very different options/controls.

Mocha AE could be easily replaced by Pro version. Yes, it has more menus, but control’s for creating and exporting track data remains the same.

The only difference is that in Mocha AE you can apply data only by using “Create/Apply” buttons, while in Mocha Pro you can do the same OR copy data to clipboard right from the plugin interface.