Multiple Masks in BCC Two Strip Color Effect

Hi, I’ve been using Boris Red in Avid Media Composer for some time, and I’m beginning to explore the BCC effects in Avid.
I have a video clip in a hiking video I’m working on, that I’m coloring with Two Strip Color. The shot is of a huge rock that my wife and I are walking up, a fairly steep incline, my wife is well ahead of me and I’m filming.
I’ve applied a purple color to the shot, it will just affect the last few seconds of the clip before transitioning into the next scene.
I’ve created a mask to limit the purple color to the rock, not the sky, clouds and trees above the rock. It all tracks well.
However, my wife is colored purple also. I’ve created another mask around her and that mask tracks fine too. I would like to invert that mask so that she has natural coloring.

How do I do that? When I check the black and white Mask in the Effect Editor, (which controls the color effect), I can see the first Mask outline, the rock, but the second Mask, my wife, is hidden by the larger Mask, or maybe it doesn’t show anyway because Two Strip Color only works with one Mask, I don’t know.

So the question is, how do I get the second Mask to show so that I can prevent the color from washing over my wife?

Hi, in Mocha where you created your masks, put your wifes mask above the one of the rock & below there’s Blend mode, set your wifes track to Subtract

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Excellent, thank you very much. Blend Mode in Layer properties, subtract. Worked a treat.

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