Multiple mattes, feather overlaps

Hi all! I have an out-of-focus foreground person crossing in front of (and turning and gesturing and in general being a nuisance) an out-of-focus plaque on a wall. I need to remove the plaque.

I’ have a successful Remove set up for the wall (Mocha Pro is amazing, thank you) but now I need to work that person back in. I’ve traced them in several mattes which have large feathers because of the focus issue. However, where these mattes overlap there is an “add” (I guess) based build up of pixels, making weird sharp artifacts.

What’s the best procedure for working with a fuzzy subject in front of a Remove? Is it possible to combine all the mattes into one so that they are treated as a single layer for the feather?

Try this, because this is less a remove issue and more of a compositing issue. You basically always have to rebuild transparent edges of a FG object when they cross over an object you want to remove. Many times this is done by hand painting, for instance in Silhouette, but in some instances you can get away with a color erode and blurring color out while increasing the size of the image, as you can with a node in Nuke or a similar program.

You can also simply make a tight edged roto to the hard edges of the person or object with transparent edges and then duplicate the layer or node on top of itself and enlarge it. Or you can manually create a color erode effect by stacking several instances of the object over the top of themselves and blur them, with each instance you should get a less transparent and wider edge. You can composite that together with a proper motion blurred matte applied and any transparent pixels from the original footage that contain the removed object should be gone.

What is your host software you are using for this effect? I recommend Silhouette, AE, Fusion, or Nuke for this. A NLE or editing software likely doesn’t have the flexibility you need to rebuild the edge.

Please let me know how that goes for you,