Multiple object tracking in Mocha VR

Hi Guys,
I am new to working in VR and have been asked to track multiple objects (6) in a long vr shot.
The objects are stationary but the camera is on a RC unit and is moving.
I am basically placing call-outs on the objects.
Any recommendations to a good Tutorial or a point in the right direction to a work flow that would fit.

Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

What I would do is make my callouts as a layer in an AE comp or nested sequence in Premiere, then use the Mocha Pro 2019 or Mocha VR insert module to track objects and place the layers inside the 360 space with the insert module.

The workflow for this is the same in premiere and ae, so you can use this tutorial to see how it is done: Boris FX | Tracking 360 Video in Premiere Pro with Mocha VR

Hope that helps!


Thanks Mary.
We are still having issues with multiple layers and the layer below being affected by the layer aboveā€¦
We are going back to using AE to hit the deadline and then look at Mocha and a good workflow.
Thanks for your help.


OK, best of luck on your project!